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User Spectrum & Right Tool for Right User

This complementary Power Point presentation describes the different user segments and positions the BI tool modules according to each intended user segment. Sample positioning for leading vendors is also provided. You may modify and adapt this to your company’s deployment but must preserve the copyright.

Spreadsheet Evaluation

This evaluation discusses criteria to consider when evaluating BI suites Office add-ins and export capabilities.

The BI Market

Business intelligence and the sub markets defined. Lists vendor products per sub market, serving as a necessary guide for comparing like-for-like products and seeing the breadth of individual vendor offerings.

Evaluation Frameworks

The detailed BI Scorecard® provides 300+ criteria to consider when evaluating a BI product. As a complementary download, product scores are blank, but we provide a macro and differentiator formula to allow you to focus only on certain vendors. Subscribers can access the completed scores under Subscriber Content. Criteria for the following modules are provided:

  • Dashboards
  • Visual Data Discovery
  • Mobile BI
  • Business Query
  • Information Delivery and Interactive Reports
  • Production Reporting
  • OLAP
  • Office Integration
  • Administration & Architecture
  • Cloud BI
  • Methodology for Selecting and Evaluating BI Tools

Methodology for Selecting and Evaluating BI Tools

Special Reports


Online Learning: Elearning Curve

Understanding & Evaluating the BI Platform

Subscriber Content


BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary Report

The BI Scorecard® Strategic and Product Summary report highlights strategic criteria to consider when evaluating vendors, as well as strengths and weaknesses of major product modules. Scores and analyses are provided for leading platform vendors and select specialty vendors. The report includes self-service BI, visual discovery, mobile BI, specialty vendors, open source, and noteworthy vendors. This report is updated annually with summary scorecards updated quarterly. This report highlights key differences at-a-glance and is a must read for staying abreast of industry trends and key product improvements from leading vendors.

Detailed BI Scorecard

Only Available with Yearly Subscription

A detailed list of 300+ criteria to consider when selecting or standardizing on a BI product. Capabilities are scored green/yellow/red so you can easily see comparative strengths and weaknesses. Use the scorecard in conjunction with the textual explanations to ensure you understand the criteria and vendor capabilities. 



In order to evaluate BI products, companies need to understand the benefits that the features intend to provide. Why should you care if a product has “banded reports” or “multi-pass SQL?” The following documents explain the meaning and importance of the criteria in the scorecards. Customers can assign their own importance for various features to adjust summary scores. The detailed scorecards are updated continuously based on ongoing product briefings and evaluations with new scorecards published monthly.

Information Delivery

BI Platform Vendors and Products

For each vendor, an overview report discusses the vendor’s BI history, product line, and strengths and challenges in the marketplace. Each overview contains a summary scorecard aggregated from the detailed evaluation criteria, as well as a BI best fit and recommendations. In addition to the overview report, more in-depth reviews of core BI modules are available for several products. Subscribers can also access commentary on individual features within the detailed scorecard.

Specialty BI Vendors

These vendors and products complement the BI suite or provide best-of-breed capabilities for a particular BI market segment.

TIBCO Spotfire
Logi Analytics